Madonna is my betch

There's only one queen.
Golden Triangle: 10/13/12. 10/18/12
Britney Spears

—Perfume (Orchestral Version)


Britney Spears | Perfume (Orchestral Version)


☆ Favourite Musicals EVITA

"Sing you fools, but you got it wrong! Enjoy your prayers because you haven’t got long…
Your queen is dead! Your king is through! She’s not coming back to you!”

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Madonna - 24 Years Of “Like a Prayer”

*A Montage of Performances of Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” From The Last 24 years, 1989 - 2013*

(Courtesy of TrevvieLand Youtube)

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Madonna - Like a Virgin (Live From The Blond Ambition Tour, Paris France, 3rd July 1990. 

*From The Documentary Film “Truth or Dare” AKA in Bed With Madonna 1991*

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